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Durable and eco-friendly, Ergonomically Designed Bag. It's "Go-To-Bag" for consumer MULTIPURPOSE needs from "SHOPPING" to "PICNIC" to "GROCERY" to "MOTHER BAG" to "OFFICE" etc ! Hence reducing the need to carry multiple bags at the same time or investing in different bags for different purposes

The Elegant One

₹1,329.00 Regular Price
₹749.00Sale Price

    • ABOUT THE BRAND: 0thi1 is the lifestyle Brand from India for India & for the World. Giving Problems a Lifestyle Solutions. We just don't make Products by changing appearance, our products solve the problem of consumers daily activities surrounding that specific product use.
    • WORLD FIRST DESIGN PATENTED BAG : The bag is equipped with "3 LAYERS" which allows you to keep things “SEGREGATED” and “SIMULTANEOUSLY” allows you to carry multiple things without worrying of things touching each other, getting spoiled due to other things etc ! 
    • FRONT POCKETS : Front quick access pockets are with Buttons for keeping your house key, vehicle keys, loose change, cosmetics item etc. 
    • USAGE: The large Ash Grey & Natural Jute tote bag is spacious enough to be used as a shopping bag, office bag, grocery bag and bag for housing toiletries while traveling without things getting in touch with each other. The tote bag can also be an amazing birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones. 
    • BENEFITS: Horizontal Layers inside Offers added protection for all your belongings, encourages sustainable living, perfect for everyday use or travel, great value for money, suitable for women of all ages.
    • BOTTOM : PVC Board at bottom for keeping the bag sturdy during purchase. PVC board adjustment can be done when the bag is not in use to make it foldable.
    • MATERIAL : Export Quality Laminated Jute Fabric is used which is around 300 GSM.
    • HANDLE : Cotton Padded.
    • CARE : Dry Clean is ONLY highly recommended.
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