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About Us

Giving Experience from Product to Packaging

About the Brand?

"0thi1" (Zero thi One) is the Brand & register trademark of Rajanil Industries LLP.

Birth of Brand Name ?

Points which Mr. Kashish kept during coming up with Brand Name :

  • It should reflect Company Initiator passion. 

  • It should have some taste of Company Origin Place.

  • It should be Unique & Depicts Brand Products Story.

How did "0thi1" name evolved?
“0thi1”stands for & is all about building products from scratch to Final Product (idea to execution). Kashish, Initiator (Founder) of RI (Rajanil Industries LLP) is always passionate for creating new products with fresh perspectives for better today (need) & tomorrow (want). 

What makes our products unique? 
“0thi1” brand is all about creating New benchmarks in the product it ventures into & launches, with spirit of Innovation or Invention whichever comes first in order to solve consumer daily life challenges at earliest. ​

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